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Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast salutes our Veterans

Bed and Breakfast in Asheville NC - Miliatry, Veteran, Active Duty DiscountOur Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast Inn, The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House, has numerous rooms at our beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast reserved for active duty or retired military veterans and their guests as part of this year’s B&B’s for Vets program.

Military, Veteran, Active Duty Discount - The Wright Inn Bed and Breakfast Asheville NCRecognizing our Military veterans is something that The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House eagerly participates in every year. We are proud to be a member of this national tribute which thanks service members and their families for their sacrifice. Being a veteran of the Viet Nam era, I know how much these signs of appreciation would have meant to me.

Therefore, The Wright Inn bed and breakfast in Asheville, NC, is offering free rooms to veterans and their guests on Wednesday November 11th. Please call (828) 251-0789 to reserve your spot.

Guests will be asked to abide by our inn cancellation policies so although we will not be charging Veterans for their rooms we do require a credit card on file in case of no shows.

Please join us for a special day in Asheville in honor of your service.

Bed and Breakfast Donations

Asheville neighbors donate to our Bed and Breakfast Collection

In late November, The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House was selected by the Asheville Citizen Times Newspaper as their Home of the Week.  Inspired by this article, we received a phone call from Jan and Mitch Mitchell of Asheville.

Silver Donation

Jan, Barbara, Mitch and Tom

Seems they had a beautiful silver coffee and tea service that no one in the family wanted to inherit.  When they saw photos of the Inn in the newspaper, they thought this would be perfect surroundings for their family’s treasure!!!  Would we take it?  Jan and Mitch came to the Inn with this beautiful gift which now sits in the formal parlor, looking perfectly at home.

Silver service finds a new home

Over the years we have received a few gifts that guests wanted us to have to add to the homes décor but nothing quite as fantastic as this gift.  The Mitchell’s were very gracious and spent about a half hour touring the house and talking about how that silver service ended up here.

We enjoyed meeting them and thank them kindly for this beautiful gift.  We told them that any time they or their daughters wished to visit the silver it was an open adoption and they were welcome to come by.

The silver has found a home and the Mitchell’s are very happy about it and so are we!!!

Wright Inn Bed and Breakfast

George Barber Descendants pay us a Visit

George F. Barber

George Barber, Designer / Architect

For folks who have read the history of the inn on our website or some of our blogs, you are already aware that the O. B. Wright House (currently known as The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House) was designed by architect George F. Barber. He was an Illinois architect who sold his designs through mail order catalogs which pre-dated the Sears and Roebuck catalog homes idea.

Decendants of George BarberDuring a very busy October, we were honored to have as our guests, Charley Hutchinson (grandson) and David Hutchinson (great-grandson) IMG_1025of George F. Barber.  George was already dead by the time Charley was born, so he has no personal recollection of his grandfather nor any personal mementos; but they were thrilled to be staying in a home designed by their ancestor.  We were happy to have these two delightful gentlemen staying with us.


O.B. Wright House NPS Photo

O.B. Wright House