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Mountain Fall Colors

2014 Fall Color Prediction

 Visitors already want to know the predictions for leaf season this year…………

Chimney Rock Park

To prepare to answer this question, I went through the Asheville Citizen Times archives dating from 2000-13.  I wanted to get a general feel for how the color change was predicted to be on a yearly basis.

Here are some quotes on what previous articles said about how the color would appear in a given year:  “rains might put a damper on best colors, good but spotty color this year, leaf color below average, trees are stressed by drought-the outlook is not promising, good but spotty color on the horizon, expect a good fall leaf season, too much rain-poor color.”  There is a great quote from John Boyle, one of my favorite columnists.  “…if we get hurricane remnants or just some windy days when the leaves are turning, that could leave us with thousands of tourists staring at a bunch of mortified, nekked hardwoods…..”

Generally speaking, most of the gurus of ecology and biology, give us a poor performance prediction.

Having lived my whole previous life time in Michigan and enjoyed great seasons of color there, I will make my color prediction for the mountains based on the experience of nine previous seasons here, with our eleventh year coming up…….Nature will put on a terrific show as she always does.  I’ve never heard a guest say “Boy, this is lousy color this year.”  We have never been disappointed by the spectacular show around us.

Despite all the gloomy forecasts, during droughts, rains and winds, I have never seen a season in these mountains that was not stunning.

Falls at Chimney Rock ParkPeople always call and say, “when is the best time to be there?”  My answer is usually, anytime from late September until often times the first part of November.  There’s always good leaf color somewhere.  If we are not in full color in Asheville, a short ride up in the mountains to a higher elevation will provide all the color you could ever imagine.

So pick your time, it does not have to be the second weekend in October which some folks think is peak.  Book early so you’re not disappointed and you can get that room with a fire place. October is usually our busiest month.  So call us or book on line so you do not miss out on enjoying one of the best shows nature has to offer.

Update 2014:  The first color report of the season is in and true to form, the “experts” are saying that Western North Carolina likely is headed toward a less than spectacular fall leaf season unless weather conditions become considerably drier, that consistent rain which is good for the over-all health of trees is bad for leaf color.  Well, the last week and a half has been dry with temps in the upper 80′s which is unusual for this time of year, but should be good for the color!!!!

Carriage House is Family Friendly

A Family Vacation Hideaway

The Wright Inn’s “Carriage House” is a perfect choice for family vacations and reunions. It is designed to accommodate children of all ages!

The recently remodeled interior has a cottage feel and features three bedrooms and two full baths. A full continental breakfast is provided in the Carriage House dining room and galley kitchen. You’ll have everything you need to be fueled and ready for your Asheville getaway!

Check out our specials and packages to make your stay even more memorable. When you’re ready to plan your vacation at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn, give us a call at 828-251-0789!

Bed and Breakfast Street Appeal

The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House celebrates 25 years as the Premier Bed and Breakfast in Asheville

The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House celebrates 25 years as one of the finest bed and breakfasts in Asheville.

In 1899, Osella and Leva Wright moved into this beautiful home.  Levinia (Leva) lived here until her death in 1946.  After that time, the house became a boarding house and then the home of an elderly lady living here on her own.

In April 1989, the house opened as the Wright Inn and Carriage House after a complete renovation by the Siler Family under the direction of the Griffin architectural firm.  It has been a bed and breakfast inn ever since.  We are the 5th family of innkeepers who have welcomed guests to this home.  In July of this year, we will have been here an amazing ten years.I often think of how lonely Mrs. Wright must have been alone in this house; and how she had to welcome genteel boarders to help her survive financially.  During the period of its’ life, the next owners, the Banks Family, ran a not-so-genteel boarding house. It was during this period of ownership that the house became known as “Faded Glory” . This area turned into a not so nice area of town.

As the Montford Historic Area began to spring back to life, so did the Wright House.  With loving care it was restored to its former glory and stands ready to welcome you for its 25th anniversary year.  It now stands as a majestic link to the past in a wonder, old neighborhood.  I know Mrs. Wright would welcome the company.

Watch for some anniversary specials; and come and help us celebrate an amazing history here at the 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House.