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Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast salutes our Veterans

Bed and Breakfast in Asheville NC - Miliatry, Veteran, Active Duty DiscountOur Asheville NC Bed and Breakfast Inn, The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House, has numerous rooms at our beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast reserved for active duty or retired military veterans and their guests as part of this year’s B&B’s for Vets program.

Military, Veteran, Active Duty Discount - The Wright Inn Bed and Breakfast Asheville NCRecognizing our Military veterans is something that The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House eagerly participates in every year. We are proud to be a member of this national tribute which thanks service members and their families for their sacrifice. Being a veteran of the Viet Nam era, I know how much these signs of appreciation would have meant to me.

Therefore, The Wright Inn bed and breakfast in Asheville, NC, is offering free rooms to veterans and their guests on Wednesday November 11th. Please call (828) 251-0789 to reserve your spot.

Guests will be asked to abide by our inn cancellation policies so although we will not be charging Veterans for their rooms we do require a credit card on file in case of no shows.

Please join us for a special day in Asheville in honor of your service.

Welcome to the Wright Inn Bed and Breakfast

“Home of the Week” award winner.

Recently, our premier Asheville bed and breakfast inn, 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House, was nominated for and received the honor of being named as Asheville’s “Home of the Week“.

Having the Asheville Citizen-Times award us with this honor and publish a special article and  is a very nice way to recognize this beautiful historical home

We are the 5th couple to have had the honor of caring for this beautiful piece of history.  

O.B. Wright House NPS Photo

O.B. Wright House

 Each of the preceding innkeepers brought their own style and personality to the property.  As stated in previous “Blogs” The Wright Inn and Carriage House is celebrating it’s 25 Anniversary as being a bed and breakfast. One little known fact is that it served as a home for many people prior to it’s latest life as a bed and Breakfast inn by housing borders for at least 50 of it’s previous years. We have had numerous folks stay with us that lived here in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Sharing their memories and hearing the stories they relay to us is very interesting.


 Come stay with us and experience the feel and ambiance of a more gentle period in time.

635520929486701747-WRIGHTINN-0036 Wright Inn "Home of the Week"

Bed and Breakfast Donations

Asheville neighbors donate to our Bed and Breakfast Collection

In late November, The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House was selected by the Asheville Citizen Times Newspaper as their Home of the Week.  Inspired by this article, we received a phone call from Jan and Mitch Mitchell of Asheville.

Silver Donation

Jan, Barbara, Mitch and Tom

Seems they had a beautiful silver coffee and tea service that no one in the family wanted to inherit.  When they saw photos of the Inn in the newspaper, they thought this would be perfect surroundings for their family’s treasure!!!  Would we take it?  Jan and Mitch came to the Inn with this beautiful gift which now sits in the formal parlor, looking perfectly at home.

Silver service finds a new home

Over the years we have received a few gifts that guests wanted us to have to add to the homes décor but nothing quite as fantastic as this gift.  The Mitchell’s were very gracious and spent about a half hour touring the house and talking about how that silver service ended up here.

We enjoyed meeting them and thank them kindly for this beautiful gift.  We told them that any time they or their daughters wished to visit the silver it was an open adoption and they were welcome to come by.

The silver has found a home and the Mitchell’s are very happy about it and so are we!!!


Gimcrack Day at Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe Museum (His mothers bed and breakfast)

wellcome01-796351Just before Christmas, Bob and I decided we had earned a respite from the bed and breakfast, so we attended “Gimcrack Day” at the Thomas Wolfe House.  It had been a while since we visited the museum and house, so we thought it would be an interesting thing to do.

Thomas Wolfe, probably Asheville’s most famous author, wrote of his childhood, “he was liberally dowered with bright painted Gimcracks upon Christmas Day; and in his heart, he hated those who advocated useful gifts.”

“Gimcracks” can be defined as a cheap and showy ornament; a knickknack. In keeping with Wolfe’s advocacy for cheap and showy ornaments or knickknacks, the museum offered visitors an opportunity to make little Christmas ornaments to take home. Everyone there was so friendly and made the experience so pleasant. They served hot chocolate and cookies while you were busy working.


My Little Angel

Bob and I returned home with our very own Gimcracks, cute Christmas Angels made from coffee filters, which we added to our tree. 




While there, after putting our treasured Gimcracks in the car, we went back in to tour the museum and the boarding house that was run by his mother where he grew up.
We had a very knowledgeable guide and it was time well spent.

There are so many things to do while in Asheville, but time spent at the Thomas Wolfe House will add greatly to your visit.

Biltmore Estste at Christmas.

Biltmore Candlelight Special


Our Holiday Biltmore Estate Package includes 2 daytime tickets (good for 2 consecutive days) to The Biltmore Estate including the Gardens, Antler  Hill Village and Winery. 



For guests staying at our bed and breakfast inn for three+ (3) consecutive weekday evenings (Mon-Thursday),  we will provide 2 FREE Upgrades to The Biltmore Candlelight Extravaganza! Experience this beautiful home lit only by candlelight and firelight.

Biltmore Estate Candlelight



These passes MUST BE scheduled in advance due to being Date/Time specific, so please call (828) 251-0789 to reserve your tickets and request an entry time.

Tickets are reduced to $50.00 (per Ticket+tax). Candlelight Upgrades are NO CHARGE for our three night guests.

Offered November 30, 2014 through January 3, 2015.





One of the best things about staying at B&Bs is that each one is unique. Almost all of today’s B&B’s have on thing in common: They’re run by professional, competent innkeepers. Nonetheless, some outdated myths about bed and breakfasts persist. These myths have their roots in the days before most travelers even knew what a bed and breakfast was. Today, with rare exceptions, they are simply myths. As with hotels, there are good B&Bs and bad B&Bs. With a little research you should be able to find one that fits your preferences.Here are my picks for the top myths about bed and breakfasts.

  1. There is no privacy
  • The vast majority of inns have plenty of privacy. Your room should be quiet and free from interruption and you won’t be forced to interact with other guests. Innkeepers tend to be very concerned with their guests’ privacy and do everything they can to respect it.
  1. The innkeepers are never available
  • In most cases, the innkeepers live in the same building that guests are staying in, so they’re never too far away. They’re probably just trying to respect your privacy.
  1. You’ll sit with strangers at breakfast and have to make small talk.
  • it is true that sometimes breakfast is served at one or two large tables, so guests  who don’t know each other may sit together. This has never been a real problem.

Most people don’t try to force conversation when it becomes apparent that you’d rather enjoy a quiet meal.

  1. B&Bs have a staff and a front desk clerk on duty 24/7.
  • In most cases the innkeeper / owner is the only person (or couple) working at the inn. Sometimes, they might have housekeeping assistance with room preparation in the morning, but by and large that person is handling everything. This means that you should arrive on time, or at least call if that’s not going to be possible. Innkeepers often plan their day (including shopping for your breakfast foods) around guests’ arrival times.
  1. Innkeeping is just a hobby.
  • Most innkeepers couldn’t make a living just by running their B&B, but that doesn’t make it a hobby. It is a serious business with many facets.
  1. Breakfast is simple to make, and innkeepers can just whip something up.
  • Most B&Bs plan breakfasts days or even weeks in advance, so you need to let them know ahead of time if you have any special dietary needs or restrictions. The innkeeper is often also the cook, the waiter and the dishwasher. The best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten have been at B&Bs, and that didn’t happen by accident.
  1. B&Bs are very expensive.
  • There are some expensive B&Bs, but there are also some very affordable ones. It depends on the inn’s location, amenities, and other factors. But if you’ve avoided looking at B&Bs as an option because of the cost, B&Bs can be an amazing bargain.
  1. Business travelers can’t stay at B&Bs.
  • Many B&Bs have all the amenities important to business travelers, and many will offer a discount for an extended stay. This might have been true 10 or 15 years ago, and is still true to some extent – but many B&Bs now cater to corporate travelers.
  1. Innkeepers are rich.
  • If they are, it’s not because they’re innkeepers. Although they might own beautiful homes which have been restored and immaculately decorated, most innkeepers don’t even make all their income at the inn.
  1. There will be strange rules and a curfew.

I’ve never stayed anywhere that had what I would call “strange” rules. And no B&B has ever had a curfew. Innkeepers will sometimes ask you to be quiet if you come back to the inn late, out of respect for other guests.